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rotary percussion drill bits

Groo-V Tip® (GRT®)

Multi-Purpose Masonry Drill Bit

  • Specialized serrated tip is designed to cut nearly all materials

  • Penetrates up to 50% faster than standard masonry bits

NOTE: In some cases, certain materials may not be drillable using carbide tools.


Tile - Hard Metal - Plastic - Wood - Marble - Granite - Masonry

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Ram Tip (RT)

Premium Masonry Drill Bit

  • Designed for use in either lightweight or standard drill motors

  • Carbide cutter is precisely located for maximum support and strength

  • Shank diameters 3/8" and up have 3 flats on the shank to reduce slippage

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R4X (RX)

Standard Masonry Drill Bit

  • Special cold-forged process produces a drill of exceptional strength

  • Offers optimal performance at a reduced cost


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Anchor Bits (TC)

Screw-type Anchor Drill Bits

  • Meets or exceeds all specifications established by manufacturers of screw-type masonry anchors

  • Recommended for use with Tapcon® anchors or other screw-type anchors requiring 5/32" or 3/16" tip diameters


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