Ram Tip (RT)


Premium Masonry Drill Bit

  • Designed for use in either lightweight or standard drill motors

  • Carbide cutter is precisely located for maximum support and strength

  • Shank diameters 3/8" and up have 3 flats on the shank to reduce slippage

RT 5-Piece Drill Bit Set

Part #       List Price         Wt.(lbs)

Refillable Case

Contains 1 of each:

  • RT-3-6

  • RT-4-6

  • RT-5-6

  • RT-6-6

  • RT-8-6


RT-K5        $54.00           0.7    

*25 pc. quantities available in bulk packaging

To order bulk, use prefix "B" before part number.  Example: BRT-3-4

Ram Tip (RT)