Relton "Hard-Head" bits are designed to bore large holes through concrete without the need to break out the core every few inches.

Available Shank Styles

  • Spline

  • SDS-max

  • SDS+ (up to 1-5/8")

Shank / Pilot


Slide the taper end of the shank into the "Hard-Head" bit.  A slight twisting motion will connect the bit and shank before beginning the cut.  The pilot is integrated into the shank, so drilling can be accomplished uninterrupted.  Once used, the shank and head become one piece.


3-1/2" Length

Head-only 1-1/8" thru 1-5/8"

SDS-max Shank/Pilot

Spline Shank/Pilot

SDS+ Shank/Pilot

For 1-1/8" thru 1-5/8" Heads


3-1/2" Length

Head-only 1-3/4" thru 3"

SDS-max Shank/Pilot

Spline Shank/Pilot

For 1-3/4" thru 3" Heads


Once Relton's "Hard-Head" bits have been used, the tapered shank cannot be removed by conventional means.  For shank removal, please return to Relton Corporation.

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