Rebar Cutter

Straight Shank (RB)

  • The answer to drilling through concrete-embedded rebar

  • No longer necessary to relocate holes to avoid rebar; just drill straight through!

  • Diameters 13/16" and smaller are a 1-piece cutter, and diameters 7/8" and larger are a 2-piece system. 

Easy As...

1.  When rebar is encountered while drilling, immediately stop and remove the bit from the hole.

2.  Mount a rotary rebar cutter in a standard 1/2" drill motor or SDS+ rotary hammer motor (on rotary-only setting), and drill through embedded rebar.

3.  Once rebar has been drilled through, remove the rebar cutter, and continue drilling using the masonry bit.


Rebar Cutter - Straight Shank (1-piece)

Rebar Cutter - Straight Shank (2-piece)

1/2" Straight-Shank

Replacement Shanks for DIA. 7/8" and larger

*Supplied with complete saw

Cutter Head-Only


Replacement Cutter Heads for DIA. 7/8" and larger

Follow power tool manufacturers' recommendations for bit capacity.

Safety Note:  The operator of this tool assumes sole responsibility for any adverse structural effects of cutting rebar.  Consult structural engineers if you have any concerns.

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